The Sovereignty of God Explored


The goal of this site is to present the reader with scriptural evidence of God's sovereignty in all things - including salvation.  The impetus behind the naming of the site is twofold.  First, it has been said that the words "but God" form the most important phrase in the entire Bible.  This phrase is used throughout scripture as a turning point - a line of demarcation between peril and rescue, chaos and control, fall and redemption (see but God in the readings section).  Since our goal is to highlight God's sovereignty, what better place is there to start than those moments when God's Sovereignty is revealed in such a decisive manner?  

The second reason comes from this quote :

Just men depend on the grace of God rather than on their own wisdom in keeping their resolutions.
In Him they confide every undertaking, for man, indeed, proposes but God disposes, and God's way is not man's."
-Thomas a Kempis, The Imitation of Christ, Bk. 1, Ch. 19

Part of the problem with Christianity today is that it is too cluttered with the teachings of man.  From America's Declaration of Independence, to France's Declaration of the Rights of Man, our concepts of human rights, justice, and equality, have advanced greatly in the last 300 years.  However, God is not governed by man's law, and He is not limited by our definitions.  So, when we try to interpret God's Word by trying to make it fit with our ideas of what is "right" and "fair", it results in the westernization of Christianity into something that is no longer based on scripture alone, but rather is a conglomeration of God's word and man's will.

This is not to say that all Truth is to be found in the Bible, or that the Bible is the only source of God's Truth.  Obviously, the church's ministers, teachings and writings are of great importance in helping us understand scripture.  However, it is our position that all things necessary for salvation and life in the Christian faith are taught clearly in the Bible, and that any interpretation or exposition should not be considered equal with scripture.  Accordingly, this site seeks to present the Truth of God's Word with as little commentary as possible - the scripture speaks for itself.

So when going through the readings, please give particular attention to the actual text of the scriptures given.  Their wording is God-ordained and therefore deliberate and powerful. 


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